Dillon Frantists is a Hamilton-based guitarist looking to grow his musical style to express how his upbringing and musical influences has shaped him as a person. Growing up playing video games and experiencing the soundtracks solidified the importance of storytelling in music. No matter the situation, there’s a song to be written that perfectly fits the mood. Now as a jazz musician studying at Mohawk College, being able to recognize storytelling elements in music is a priceless skill, while still remembering the childlike wonder of musical adventure, the importance of having fun with music, and the beauty of not taking himself too seriously. He values a good performance and aesthetic on par with good music, and is looking to combine his influences to make his next show the performance of a lifetime. Some influences include Issei Noro, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Koji Kondo, Luca Turilli, and Danny Elfman to name a few. Currently an active member of the heavy music scene in the punk band Deck Piss, and hardcore group Reality Denied, the latter of which featuring some of his songwriting abilities on their 2023 release …Comes With a Price.