JAZZ.FM91 is a proud signatory and supporter of the Declaration to End Anti-Black Racism in the Canadian Music Industry.

On Wednesday, June 2, BDRB, CIMA and ADVANCE hosted a virtual declaration signing event where music industry leaders made public their commitment to ending anti-Black racism.

To build an inclusive Canadian music and entertainment industry, it is critical to address the anti-Black racism that exists in the systems and working environments within which Black music professionals and creatives operate.

The eradication of anti-Black racism requires a commitment to anti-racism — an active, conscious and ongoing effort to work against racism: to acknowledge, to atone, to create mechanisms that dismantle systems which perpetuate racism, and to create actionable solutions with measurable outcomes.

Anti-racism begins with awareness and education and moves toward more formal practices such as policies and procedures.

JAZZ.FM91 is committed to celebrating a genre of music deeply rooted in Black culture and history, and to working to actively combat systemic anti-Black racism in its many forms.

About BDRB:

Black music industry mainstays Dave “Click” Cox and Ian Andre Espinet initiated Breaking Down Racial Barriers (BDRB) in August 2020. Initially a 10-week roundtable, BDRB featured over 60 working Black music professionals discussing their experiences with anti-Black racism in the Canadian music industry.

BDRB is presently authoring a CIMA commissioned report on anti-Black racism in the Canadian music industry. In partnership with CIMA and ADVANCE, BDRB has invited individuals, companies, corporations, organizations and government institutions from the industry to sign “The BDRB Declaration to End Anti-Black Racism in the Canadian Music Industry”. The signing will take place on June 2nd 2021, the 1 year anniversary of #BlackOutTuesday. www.BDRB.ca

About CIMA:

CIMA is the not-for-profit national trade association representing the English-language, Canadian-owned sector of the music industry. CIMA’s mandate is to develop and advocate policies and services that serve to support a strong and economically stable Canadian independent music and sound recording industry, ensuring the long-term development of the sector and to raise the profile of Canadian independent music both in Canada and around the world. www.CIMAmusic.ca


ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective, is leading the change in developing an infrastructure for the betterment, upliftment and retention of Black people in the music business. Serving as a unified front for Black people working within all sectors of the Canadian music industry, Advance creates conditions for long-term success by addressing racial equality and inclusivity through four areas: Advocacy, Mentorship, Community Outreach and Business Development and Entrepreneurship. www.ADVANCEmusic.org