Dave Liebman to release new album Trust and Honesty

Prolific saxophonist and composer Dave Liebman will release his latest album Trust and Honesty later this year.

The new recording is the third release in in Newvelle Records’ Renewal Collection, which also includes entries by pianist Elan Mehler, saxophonist Michael Blake and horn player Nadje Noordhius.

Trust and Honesty is described as “an intimate and exposed portrait of a jazz master at the absolute height of his powers.”

Featuring guitarist Ben Monder and bassist John Hébert, the trio explores well-known ballads and new material.

“Good musicians keep chipping away at the veneer that keeps them separated from us. Showing the world who they are. And when they were,” Mehler writes in the liner notes. “This music freezes a moment. It could only have been created on February 12, 2022. You couldn’t reconstruct it with a thousand days in the studio. It’s an exercise in exposure, even for someone who has had as vaulted a career as Dave Liebman. When you are doing it right, there’s nowhere to hide.”

Newvelle’s Renewal Collection is a four-album limited series affirming the resilience of music through the anguish and loss of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was recorded and mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Marc Urselli at New York’s East Side Sound between November, 2021, and March, 2022, and mastered by Josh Bonati. 

Last year, Liebman released Selflessnessa nine-track album that paid tribute to John Coltrane.

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Here’s the track listing:

  1. Designs
  2. Lover Man
  3. Time Remembered*
  4. Come Rain or Come Shine
  5. Stella By Starlight
  6. Blind Pig*
  7. Moon and Sand
  8. Blue & Green
  9. Bye Bye Blackbird
  10. Zingaro

*digital only

Dave Liebman’s Trust and Honesty will be released Nov. 11, 2022, via Newvelle Records.