This piece was originally published on FYIMusicNews.

When my brother Wayne and I were in our early teens, Dave Brubeck’s Take Five, recorded and released in 1959, was one of the most requested songs of the day, becoming the highest-selling jazz single of all time. That popularity stretched over two gigging seasons, and learning the song sure earned us respect among musicians.

We even made the pilgrimage to the Brown Theatre in nearby Louisville, Ky., for the sole purpose of witnessing our heroes in the Dave Brubeck Quartet play the song live — especially that extended Joe Morello drum solo. I can still hear the kit reverberate in the hall, with that swinging 5/4 beat.

Not long after that, Wayne and I were summoned to play Take Five on Louisville’s WHAS-TV as part of the Crusade for Children charity show. This also meant we had to teach the house drummer how to play in 5/4 time.