Dan Wilson paints music with his guitar. He introduces a vividness of color to tunes that give a new and yet very familiar perspective. Like a new box of coloring pencils or crayons, the adventure through the tracks of music he plays is like breaking open those colour makers and putting them to paper and re-imagining, re-tinting, re-hueing, re-shading.

Christian Sands in commenting on Wilson’s artistry has said this: “Dan Wilson’s soulfulness shines through like lightning in a storm.” Light and color. It is his artistic signature.

Music for Dan started in the church, a richness of so much goodness and foundation of tradition. Dan’s good time and good times spent with the late Joey DeFrancesco brought a merging of creativity and the sensibilities of the way the organ and the guitar play through the lines and play with the notes and phrases. Light and shade, vivid colors and imaginings. Dan Wilson paints pictures with his guitar.