Colin Wilson is a saxophone player from Niagara Falls, Ont. Growing up in Niagara, he found his passion for music in the woodwind section. With the help of his classically trained mother and high-school teachers, he took up tenor saxophone and never looked back. As a young player he found himself playing a lot of funk and R&B shows. He took it upon himself to find private lessons with jazz players outside of his area to further his playing. His teachers include Scot Neilson, Mark Promane, Darcy Hepner, JJ Perlingieri and Michael Stewart. He credits Michael Stewart with teaching him “the right way to practise the saxophone every day.” He spent some time studying classical performance at Brock University, then moved to Toronto briefly to study jazz performance at Humber College. After he returned home, Colin continued his studies of jazz at Mohawk College and in private lessons with Scott Neilson. With a background in funk improvisation, Colin plays lead tenor in the school’s “Tower of Power” ensemble. He continues to perform with funk and R&B groups and various jazz groups from Niagara to Hamilton.