He is the sax player’s sax player.

A sometimes simple and deep soulful sound that belies a heavier seriously complex texture. Light and dark play in the sound and provide the perfect focus by variances of shade for a diversity of influence and incorporation. His own words from his website bio truly expose his multilayered artistry: “…music’s a living thing; it has to keep moving. I’ve been touched by many forms of music, like funk, hip hop, country, different folk musics, classical music, etc., and for me not to allow these influences into my music would be unnecessarily self-limiting.”

With this diversity of colors comes a sensibility of trust in instinct. An almost just go ahead and do it caution free spirit. The sound is brimming with these sensibilities.
It is full and engages the ear. Every phrase has an importance and is as dependent upon another or the next; as dependent upon what is to come as it is on what came just before.

Variances of shade. Light and dark and a serious and complex texture. Chris Potter brings an artistry of caution free spirit.