Charlotte Fabro is an accomplished singer, songwriter, performer and educator. During her time at York University, Fabro’s studies were diverse. Under the tutelage of incredible musicians like Lorne Lofsky, Roy Patterson and Sacha Williamson, she was able to, with great diligence, establish herself as a competent jazz guitarist and vocalist. She also excelled in the University’s gospel choir and R&B ensemble. She accomplished all of this while working multiple jobs and gigging regularly as the front
woman of her band, eponymously named Fabro.

This vast range of experiences has helped her grow into her own sound. She is always striving to find original ways of fusing jazz with R&B and gospel aesthetics. Her first single, Tomorrows, released in May, 2019, was a great success, garnering attention in Toronto’s music scene. It was produced by Connor “King Chino” Chan and Rob Christian, Fabro’s go-to collaborators for their ability to capture the rich and soulful nature of her music. Since the release of Tomorrows, she has been highly in demand as a session vocalist since.

Soon to graduate, there is no doubt that a successful career in music lies ahead for Charlotte Fabro. She will continue to tirelessly write, record and perform her music and has plans to
grow and expand her music school, the Toronto Music Mentorship Program, with a possible downtown location.