A collection of jazz recordings by the late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts is being released by BMG.

The selections found on Charlie Watts’ Anthology are drawn from a 20-year period during which he led several jazz ensembles including a big band, a quartet, a quintet and a tentet.

The musicians featured on the 27-track album include double bassist Dave Green and saxophonists Peter King, Evan Parker, and Courtney Pine.

The collection pulls recordings from several jazz albums Watts recorded beginning in 1986, including Live at Fulham Town Hall (1986), From One Charlie (1991), A Tribute to Charlie Parker with Strings (1992), Warm and Tender (1993), Long Ago and Far Away (1996), Charlie Watts – Jim Keltner Project (2000), and Watts at Scott’s (2004). It also includes three tracks from a performance by Watts and his group at Swindon Arts Centre in the U.K.

Hear a live recording of “Ain’t Nobody Minding Your Store,” captured in 1978: