Can a single person be a cultural revolution?

By that, I mean one whose impact on culture was and is so significant that they influenced all culture immediately around them and concentrically by exponents through the world of art. Like a pebble that causes circles to emanate outward from the point where it breaks the quiet of still water in a pond, Charlie Parker’s brilliance affected all who were exposed to him.

Parker’s music influenced writers, poets, painters and recording artists working in a multitude of genres. It stemmed from his fearlessness. It’s a trait often used to describe artists who blazed trails and went on to have tremendous influence on others. Noisy, flashy and audacious, he embodied the essence of jazz like few others have.

This year on Aug. 29, it was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Charlie Parker. The centennial celebrations have been dynamic, with a plethora of newly released music and media.