The Artistry of… Cassandra Wilson

Hers is a making of music marked by a blend of three integral roots music ingredients: blues, country and folk. These earthy ingredients mixed in with the depth of the many dimensions of jazz define the Mississippi native.

Speaking of native foundation, Wilson’s is a balance of two grand African cultures of the Fon and Yuroban people, and the greatness of the Irish and Welsh. This kind of blend speaks to so many of the African diaspora in the Americas and is responsible for the richness of the resulting art, expressiveness, cuisine, cultural gifts, and the soul-grabbing, beautiful music.

The subtleties of cultures and how they so wonderfully mix to make for new and enriching experiences is the artistry of her music. It’s in the depths and the play — the focus and the freedom of her flights of improvisation. Afri-Gaelic-Celti-merican-expialidocious. She is Cassandra Wilson.

The Artistry of… is a weekly series that reflects on the passion and essence of an artist. It airs Wednesday evenings on Dinner Jazz with John Devenish.