Grace and sophistication. Pure jazz muscle with an artistry steeped in the standards and the great American Songbook. A sweetness in the interpretation of music that has stood the test of time. That standing and time spent is respected in a truly Charlap way. It is celebrated at the keyboard.

The piano under Charlap’s fingers is a storyteller inviting the listener to a place where the music is the star and the focus every time. His sound is all about essence and nuance, dialect and flavor. This set of words from Time Magazine captures the soul of the player: “Bill Charlap approaches a song the way a lover approaches his beloved…no matter how imaginative or surprising his take on a song is, he invariably zeroes in on its essence.” Bill’s beloved is the timeless beauty of a touch and reverence that beguiles.

Whether soloist or in an ensemble the playscape is the same; shared, it is like a re-tester and re-establisher of time tested songbook, standards, gold, Charlap charms at every note-fall.