Oscar Peterson is one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time.

Born and raised in Montreal, Peterson began playing piano at the age of five. By nine, he was playing at a level that impressed even professional musicians, and at 14, he began a professional career that would last more than six decades.

Known as the “master of swing” or the “king of inside swing,” Peterson made a name for himself with his incredible dexterity, speed and ornate technique on the keys. You’d be forgiven for thinking he’s playing with four hands. It’s immediately obvious how much love and dedication he has for his craft. Duke Ellington proclaimed him the “Maharaja of the keyboard.”

Over the course of Peterson’s acclaimed career, he won seven Grammy Awards, was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario, was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

With more than 200 published recordings to his name, it’s hard to know where to start exploring this body of work. But to help you on your journey, here are five standout recordings from this Canadian legend.