Every year, JAZZ.FM91 holds a grand celebration of the best and brightest in jazz with our signature JAZZ LIVES concert.

Well, almost every year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel the latest edition of our marquee concert series at Koerner Hall. But while we can’t be together in person, we’re always together in spirit.

As such, we’re looking back on some of the most memorable JAZZ LIVES performances at Koerner Hall.

“Some of the fondest memories of my whole career have happened at Koerner Hall, directing JAZZ LIVES,” says Gemini Award-winning musical director Lou Pomanti.

From its beginnings in 2004, to its move to its current home at Koerner Hall in 2012, to last year’s milestone 15th edition, there’s certainly been no shortage of thrilling JAZZ LIVES performances.

“The sense of team and camaraderie with my colleagues and friends — including those in the audience — is what makes these events special,” says Dinner Jazz host John Devenish.

“One of my favourite things about JAZZ LIVES, believe it or not, is the intermission,” says broadcaster Jaymz Bee. “When you walk through the lobby area and go to the bar, and you see nothing but friends and people you’ve known for years, and some of them introduce you to their friends who are new to the station, it’s the closest thing to a family reunion.”

Here are just a few standouts from the ongoing JAZZ LIVES legacy.