Even in its early days, jazz managed to make it all the way across the planet to Australia.

With close ties between American and Australian entertainment companies, it didn’t take long at all for the genre to gain popularity down under. Not unlike the Canadian jazz scene, Australian jazz was imported from its U.S. roots and it can be challenging and rare for its purveyors to become household names around the world. The list of Australian jazz artists that the average Canadian can name is likely as short as the list of Canadian jazz artists that the average Australian can name.

But just like in Canada, the country has its own celebrated jazz champions, hidden gems and rising stars — and for the aficionados out there, many of these players are worth getting to know.

This year, Australia was the host of International Jazz Day. More than 190 countries celebrated the UNESCO-designated occasion on Tuesday, April 30, marking the end of Jazz Appreciation Month. In Melbourne, a roster of musicians from more than a dozen countries performed as part of the live-streamed All-Star Global Concert, led by artistic co-directors Herbie Hancock and James Morrison and musical director John Beasley.

Of course, it’s virtually impossible to whittle down an entire country’s decades-old jazz scene into one digestible list. But here are 10 of the many noteworthy Australian artists to check out — from the Hall of Fame classics, to the well-established local favourites, to the under-the-radar talents.