The Artistry of… Angela Turone

Angela Turone is a much-welcomed, fresh-but-familiar take on a style so uniquely set in place. A tradition of Brazilian folk and traditional music expertly woven into a style of jazz as placed in our collective consciousness. Brilliantly and expertly exported with the artistic wizardry of the likes of Jobim and Gilberto, and Moreira and Purim, who gifted the world with some of the now classic iconic sounds of Brazil.

Turone is a vocalist and pianist who’s artistically paired with guitarist Chris Platt. The music they generate is at once captivating and familiar, but with that familiarity comes a freshness of interpretation and personal flair.

Chris Spector’s review in Midwest Record describes the pair perfectly as giving “Brazilian classics a new spin” while making them “something new and engaging … a first-class treat for fans of the sound that set the standard.” Turone embraces the charm of the standard.

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