When Angela Turone met Chris Platt at the University of Toronto several years ago, their musical chemistry was instant.

The vocalist and guitarist played a gig together in 2014 when they were still students in jazz studies, and they quickly bonded over a shared love and appreciation of Brazilian music.

This year, they released Sounds of Brazil, an album exploring the country’s beautiful music and how it intertwines with their jazz roots. Now streaming and available to buy on Bandcamp, the album features fresh arrangements of tunes by some of Brazil’s most esteemed composers and lyricists, including renowned bossa nova pioneer Antônio Carlos Jobim.

Rounding out their lineup are horn player Chase Sanborn, bassist Pat Collins, drummer Robin Claxton, cellist Andrew Downing, flautist and tenor saxophonist John Nicholson and percussionist Hélio Cunha.

Turone joined us to talk about the pair’s shared love of Brazilian music, and how they tried to put their own touch on their favourite songs while still remaining faithful to the originals.