When Andrew Ripenburg moved to Huntsville, Ont., this past summer, the young trombonist and composer was in a place he’d never been before with just one goal.

“I was anxious to get connected into the music scene here,” he says. With his talent and drive, that happened quickly.

Before long, the 22-year-old began playing in the Muskoka Big Band as their lead trombonist. He then joined the brass section of the funky R&B band Soul 45. Over the winter, he was asked to play a four-hour show with Tobin Spring and the Muskoka Blues Connection at Deerhurst Resort. And this summer, he began tutoring a high-school student interested in studying trombone in post-secondary education.

Now, the Mohawk College graduate is back in Beamsville, Ont., where he grew up, and he’s been working hard on getting more of his own arrangements recorded, as well as connecting with local theatre companies.

We asked this former participant in our Jazzology program to tell us more about what it was like to be a young musician breaking into a new music scene, what gigs and recordings have made him especially proud, and what to expect from this up-and-coming talent in the future.