The Artistry of… Anat Cohen

This quote from jazz writer Nat Hentoff says so much about the artist. Elements that define: “Anat does what all authentic musicians do: She tells stories from her own experiences that are so deeply felt that they are very likely to connect listeners to their own dreams, desires and longings.”

Anat Cohen’s music is the germination of inspiration that has thrilled and enticed and influenced. The music is an aural treat and her personality is purely expressed. That is her artistry.

She is described as charismatic. That’s from the worlds of animation and entertainment. “The music reaches the artistic ends of the spectrums of emotion from infectious joy to soulful melancholy.” Those are words from a New York Times description of her playing.

Clarinet and saxophone are her musical tools and with them she creates, builds and reaches out to her audience. She is a bandleader and composer and a Berklee alumnus. A native of Tel Aviv, music in her family is simply brilliance, including brothers Avishai and Yuval.

It is all about the charisma, animation, inclusiveness and inspiration.

The Artistry of… is a weekly series that reflects on the passion and essence of an artist. It airs Wednesday evenings on Dinner Jazz with John Devenish.