Alyssa Mikuljan is a singer-songwriter from Kitchener, Ont. She is currently enrolled in Mohawk College’s music program.

Growing up, Mikuljan always had an ear for music. After finding her voice and passion for singing, she was trained as a rock vocalist and studied vocal technique and ensemble work at the School of Rock in Kitchener-Waterloo. Through this experience, Mikuljan was able to find her love of performing, which led straight to the Mohawk music program.

Once she left School of Rock KW and began her journey at Mohawk, Mikuljan was able to develop her own sound using the tools she had gathered along the way. Her love of storytelling shines through in her original material and performance, and her rock music upbringing helps to elevate her sound to new levels. The combination of being trained as a rock vocalist and having a love for indie and jazz music fuse together to create a sound that defines her.

Under the artist name ADVM, Mikuljan released her debut project in 2019, the Danielle EP. She has since changed her artist name to Alyssa DVM and released two singles, But He Lied and Who’s Gonna Love You.

Mikuljan is actively trying to redefine what it means to be an artist that can constantly evolve and adapt in an ever-changing society, while still sticking to your roots. Sometimes this means taking a jazz standard and switching up the genre, and sometimes it means taking an original song and reimagining what it would sound like inside a jazz lounge. But no matter what Mikuljan decides to experiment with, she always has fun doing it.

You can visit Alyssa Mikuljan here.