Pianist Alfredo Rodríguez has announced his latest album Coral Way, a collection of music that represents the diverse sounds of his new home of Miami.

After leaving his native Cuba and moving to Miami in 2019, Rodriguez took note of the few collaborations and cross-pollination between mainstream Latin music and Latin jazz. Coral Way, which features guest appearances by vocalists Cimafunk and Alana Sinkëy, serves as a connection between these worlds. The recording mixes Latin pop, timba, salsa, bachata, tango, reggaeton and bolero, representing a mosaic of the city’s diverse Latino culture.

“I play what I live, and Coral Way is my new life,” Rodríguez says. “It is the name of the street on which, for the past three years, I have been composing this album, and now I’m excited that people from all over the world will finally get to hear it in an expansive way, with a full live band.”

Watch the official video for the lead single “Fidju di Lua”: