In new video, musicians pay tribute to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19

More than 30 musicians in 14 different countries have come together to record A Hope for the Future, a song written as a tribute to healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

The song was first inspired by the celebrated American trumpet player Ryan Anthony — a former member of the Toronto brass quintet Canadian Brass — who is in hospital battling cancer.

Los Angeles-based Canadian trumpet soloist Jens Lindemann coordinated with 34 musicians in isolation to record and film the song from their homes around the world, and combined all those performances into a video uploaded to YouTube on April 8.

Produced by Matt Catingub and Robert DiVito, the uplifting video with an original composition by Catingub features jazz artists, classical soloists, military personnel, educators and members of rock groups Chicago and the Dave Matthews Band.

A Hope for the Future is dedicated to all those around the world who care for us during this time of crisis and beyond,” Lindemann wrote in the video’s introduction.

Also among the song’s Canadian performers are jazz trumpet players Al Muirhead and Ingrid Jensen, National Arts Centre Orchestra principal trumpeter Karen Donnelly, and jazz bassist and Humber College instructor Mike Downes.

Downes told JAZZ.FM91 that he’s “honoured” to have been involved

“Healthcare workers worldwide who are on the front lines helping us through this pandemic … are true heroes, working long hours and risking their own (and their families’) health and safety to help others,” Downes said. “I believe this video resonates with people because it clearly shows how musicians from around the world can quickly rally together to create something powerful and meaningful.”

Anthony himself performs from his hospital room in Dallas.

“These are difficult times for everybody, and there’s nothing stronger than when we all come together,” he tells viewers. “There’s nothing more powerful than music. I’m honoured to be a part of this.”