The Artistry of… series is sponsored by the Alzheimer Society Music Project.

He is a powerhouse composer and a sophisticated creative musical mind. A pianist and educator, he shares his artistry with his students and shares his creative work with the world. His arrangements and compositions were an integral part of the Chet Baker-inspired film Born to Be Blue, starring Ethan Hawke. The band for that film took Braid’s inspired work as composer and arranger and, equally inspired, channelled Baker uncannily. The work won him international praise, including these words: “contemporary patina without sacrificing period authenticity” (The Times, U.K.). As an artist, these quotes describe him and appear at the top of his bio on his website: “Sophisticated and authentic,” says the New York Observer; “refreshingly uncategorizable,” the Paris Transatlantic. The album Mnemosyne’s March was recorded in 2005. Mnemosyne was the mother of the Muses in Greek mythology, who were the inspirational goddesses of literature, science and the arts. The connection and inspiration is no accident; Braid’s music and music-making is studied, inspired, charismatic, exploratory and adventurous. He is simply one of the world’s best.