This article was originally published by FYIMusicNews.

One advantage to having a three-hour radio show is the exposure to artists of many persuasions under the influence of a vast range of cross-cultural experiences.

Although the mainstream focuses on a narrow field of obvious candidates, the view from the outside is rich in substance, creativity and diversity. Diversity is the infrastructure underpinning each of the 25 artists below. There’s Cuban rap, contemporary gospel, British hip hop, retro soul and funk, Christian gospel and roots, metallic funk, neo-soul, new R&B, jazz rap and more. It’s a light sample of the listening experiences of the present and future, and of our playlist on Soul Nation airing Tuesday evenings from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Over the last 16 months, it seems the slowdown/shutdown has frustrated artists but in some cases reinvigorated them and clarified a range of collaborative and creative possibilities. The broad view is much more promising. New sounds evolve organically. When there are no conditions or boundaries applied, there comes a movement. Measure the temperature of a situation, and you get an idea of what to expect. Virtual play died as quickly as it arrived. What endured was that back-to-the-basement woodshedding. That grind took into consideration the loss, hardships and politics of this life cycle and cooked up a dish in need of impeccable plating.

The results are promising and in step with the moment. The shelves are now replenished. Whatever your source for listening, consider these artists. Each comes with a listening recommendation to get you started.