How to donate securities

A simple way for your donation dollars to go even further

If you hold investments in a taxable investment account that have appreciated in value, consider donating the investments themselves to JAZZ.FM91. By donating investments that have appreciated in value you will be exempt from the capital gains tax on the donated investment. You’ll also receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of your donation.

JAZZ.FM91 encourages all donors who are planning a significant gift to seek independent legal and/or financial planning advice.

Types of qualifying investments:

  • Shares, bonds or rights listed on a designated stock exchange
  • Mutual funds
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Interest in related segregated funds
  • Government bonds

How to donate securities to JAZZ.FM91

Interested in donating securities to JAZZ.FM91? It’s easier than you think! Just follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Contact our securities administrator at

You will be provided with a form that will include the details of our investment account, and other fields that you will need to fill in to execute the transfer. At this time, we will also loop in our investment account manager, and we will make sure that we have your name and contact information on file so that your donation, once received, will be properly credited to your record.

Step 2: Complete the form and send it to your broker or adviser.

Your broker/adviser is responsible for initiating the transfer, but please copy as well as our investment manager so that we are all aware that the transaction is under way.

Step 3: Let us know when the transfer is complete.

Securities are transferred into our account without attribution, so be sure to let us know once the transaction is complete. We will verify the amount to be receipted, which corresponds to the value of the shares when legally transferred to JAZZ.FM91’s account. Note that it is the station’s policy to sell the shares at the earliest opportunity.

Still have questions? Contact us at for more information or assistance with your securities donation.

Fill out your contact information to receive the form

Please use your legal name

Estate Planning

Donating to JAZZ.FM91 by way of the following can also offset taxes that are imposed after life on your estate.

Life insurance policy

You can donate a life insurance policy to charity in these ways:

Name JAZZ.FM91 as the beneficiary of an existing policy. This is a good option if you already have a policy that your family no longer needs for financial stability. At the time of your death, JAZZ.FM91 will receive the policy proceeds and your estate will receive the tax benefits – the donation limit in the year of death (and preceding taxation year) is increased to 100% of the person’s net income.

  • Transfer ownership of an existing policy to JAZZ.FM91 and receive a charitable tax receipt for the cash value of the policy. If you owe annual premiums on the policy, you’ll still pay them, but you’ll also receive tax receipts in the amount of your payments.
  • Take out a new policy in the name of JAZZ.FM91. You’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for the cash value of the policy and for any premiums you pay.

Bequests in your will

Leaving a gift to JAZZ.FM91 under your will may produce a valuable tax credit on your final tax return. In the year of death and the prior year you may be able to claim a donation tax credit for up to 100% of your net income. You may choose to bequeath a percentage of your estate instead of an absolute dollar amount so that the amount of your gift is automatically kept in line with the amount of your wealth.

Naming JAZZ.FM91 as a beneficiary to your RRSP, RRIF, LIF or TFSA

You may consider naming JAZZ.FM91 as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF, LIF or TFSA. When a charitable organization such as JAZZ.FM91 is named as a beneficiary the proceeds of the account are paid directly to the charity upon death. This helps to reduce probate fees on an estate.

JAZZ.FM91 encourages all donors who are planning a significant gift to seek independent legal and/or financial planning advice.

Wine Auction

In partnership with Iron Gate Auctions, the JAZZ.FM91 Online Fine Wine Auction is now accepting donations for its upcoming fourth edition in the Fall of 2024.

Welcome to the JAZZ.FM91 Online Fine Wine Auction!

JAZZ.FM91 has partnered with Iron Gate Auctions to conduct our virtual wine and spirits auction, with the proceeds from each year’s auction supporting our charitable arts organization.

The next auction takes place in the fall of 2024.

Upon acceptance by the donor of the eligible gift amount for any wine or spirits donated, that product becomes the property of JAZZ.FM91. JAZZ.FM91 reserves the right to reject any donation that is deemed unsuitable in order to maintain the high quality of the auction. Although you will receive a tax receipt for any donated product, you are responsible for its reporting on your tax return. JAZZ.FM91 advises all donors to seek independent professional advice for any tax related queries. JAZZ.FM91 treats all personal information submitted to us confidentially. We will only use it to send your tax receipt and assist us in any operations relative to the operations of the auction.

JAZZ.FM91 Charitable Registration # 11886 4826 RR0001

Iron Gate Auctions

Should you be the successful bidder, you can either arrange pickup by appointment of your items at IronGate, 51 Laird Dr., Toronto, or have them shipped at nominal cost. You will be advised of pickup/delivery options by email should you be the successful bidder.

All proceeds from the auction will support JAZZ.FM91, a not-for-profit, 24-hour jazz station in Toronto. As a registered charity, your support will allow us to continue to provide the best in jazz programming and support our various community outreach programs including the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band, Jazzology, Jazz 4 Kids, music scholarships and more.

While donations of products to the JAZZ.FM91 Online Fine Wine Auction are eligible for a tax receipt, winning bids for products are not.

Thank you for participating in our auction!

The JAZZ.FM91 Online Fine Wine Auction