William Dietrich

Toronto born Bassist, William Dietrich is an avid up and coming musician on the Toronto scene.

Having spent his childhood as a boy chorister, William received a strong education in classical vocal music. However, through playing a variety of instruments and styles, he has chosen the Bass to be his primary instrument, and Jazz to be his preferred style of music. William prides himself on his wide variety of influences and versatility as a musician. Having played many genres including jazz, classical, funk, rock, hip hop, marching Band, and traditional vietnamese music, as well as being well versed in both electric and upright bass. As a student in York University’s music program, William Studies privately with both Jim Vivian and Edward Tait and is the recipient of the Oscar Peterson Scholarship. As an active performer, William is the principal Bass player in the York University Symphony orchestra, the York University Jazz Orchestra and the Toronto All Star Big Band, He also plays with his own project FOMA and in various ensembles as a freelance musician.

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