Why I Support JAZZ.FM91: Sophie Milman

I support JAZZ.FM because, from my early days as a jazz vocalist in Toronto, it has been a kind, supportive and consistent home for my music. The station was there before my first tour, before the papers caught on, before people in the US and Japan knew I existed, and before I won a Juno. JAZZ.FM helped my music reach the homes, ears, and hearts of its many listeners, who have put their trust in the station’s curators and visionaries.

I support JAZZ.FM because it plays great music! Music that people want to hear, music that is beautiful and soulful and swinging and funky and classy; music that takes you on an emotional journey; music that tugs at your heartstrings or forces you to think – or, better yet, forces you to dance! I’m raising my very young children to love jazz as much as I do and JAZZ.FM makes it so easy to do: all it takes is the push of a button. It mixes the old with the new and make it clear that jazz is dynamic and vibrant!

I owe JAZZ.FM a huge debt of gratitude and stand beside those who have made it a great home for artists and a bastion of timeless beauty.

– Sophie Milman, Juno Award-winning singer.

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