Event: TONE Festival / KEE AVIL, KARLA, OUTPUT 1:1:1
Date: June 10, 2022
Venue: Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Ave. down the alley
Start time: 9:00 PM
End time: 12:00 AM


Tickets: $12 Adv / $15 Door

Montreal experimental guitarist / composer Vicky Mettler creates mutant compositions from looped guitar noise, angular melodies, creeping vocals and grumbling electronics. She lands in Toronto celebrating her newest release “Crease” on Constellation Records. Her vocals whisper to rhythmic guitar notes, haunted gnarled textures ripple out from her guitar strings. Kee Avil sees Mettler’s captivating compositions constructed out of what feels like bits of sonic refuse come to life. A beautiful and dazzling work of eerie songwriting. If you haven’t seen Kee Avil her live performance is not to be missed!

Fuzzy ambient duo of Yunjin Claire Lee and Yoni Newman dip into Warp Records territory with their buzzing wobbling electronic tones. Luscious ghostly soundscapes whirl on top of friendly beats. Synths hum like bugs in the summer night sky. Notes pour out of the KARLA camp like blobs of molten lava casually rolling over the unsuspecting landscape. Their playful aesthetic sees them move from anxious tension to hopeful bucolic compositions reminiscent of krautrock.

OUTPUT 1:1:1 (
Haunting avant-gothic songwriter Daniel Janvier’s trio featuring Gene Converse and Victor O (American Standard Trio) take tortured song structures imbibing them with industrial noise textures and clattering metal that mix with Janvier’s foreboding guitar work and ghostly vocals. Murky emotional music that feels akin to Nick Cave or even the more subdued late period Scott Walker outings. Vocals call out from beneath a pile of improvised noise scraps and discarded distortion. Come on time to check this live experiment in desolation.

Price: $12