Sound Escapes

Event: Sound Escapes
Date: July 30, 2021
Start time: 8:00 PM
End time: 10:00 PM


Concert: Sound Escapes

Date: Friday, July 30, 2021 @ 8pm ET with a post-mortem chat the following day @ 1pm

Tickets/RSVP: FREE, RSVP at




Event Description

From wind that whistles through rustling leaves to the rhythmic cascade of rain on a spring day, nature’s soundscape has the power to transport us to a place of serenity and contemplation, and inspires us to live in the moment. In this concert, new music by the Spectrum composers and guests creates an immersive experience inspired by the wild and uninhibited beauty of nature. 


Artificial intelligence spontaneously generates immersive soundscapes in performance alongside a live jazz trio featuring Sarah Thawer (drums), Caleb Klager (bass), and Chris Pruden (keys). You’ll be transported through abstract visuals, catered to each piece, leveraging the latest techniques in machine learning/AI. Watch the FREE concert stream through Twitch on Friday, July 30th at 8pm ET.


An hour-long post-concert chat will take place the following day on July 31st 1pm ET. Join us for this chat as Artistic Producer, Mason Victoria, and Visual Software Artist, Ryan Kelln, share experiences from behind-the-scenes production, including the makings and implementation of AI visuals, audio, and digital tools!


Fade to Black – Dhaivat Jani

The Night is Young – Mason Victoria

Robbies Hobbies – Suzy Wilde

i am a strange loop – Mac Rogers (NVCR 2020)

Bird Brained – Jackson Welchner

Hot Bod – Sarah Thawer



Sarah Thawer – drums

Chris Pruden – piano and synths

Caleb Klager – bass


Lead Audio Visual Artists

Ryan Kelln (visuals)

Mason Victoria (audio)


About Spectrum Music

Spectrum Music is a collective of emerging Canadian composers and curators who create innovative, genre-defying themed concerts. Hosting a diverse array of performers and musicians, Spectrum’s programs feature world premieres composed specifically for the concert themes. With a mandate to facilitate the creation and performance of new Canadian compositions, Spectrum aims to enrich and inspire without boundaries. With Zoe Brown at the helm as artistic director, Spectrum Music is Mason Victoria, Suzy Wilde, Jackson Welchner and Dhaivat Jani.

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