Somewhere There Presents… at The Emmet Ray

Event: Somewhere There Presents… at The Emmet Ray
Date: September 15, 2019
Venue: The Emmet Ray
Start time: 8:30 PM
End time: 10:30 PM


Somewhere There Presents: Rob Clutton (bass), Patrick O’Reilly (guitar), Joe Sorbara (drums/percussion)


Joe Sorbara
Joe Sorbara is a seasoned improviser with a distinctive style, who has lent his skills to a broad range of ensembles, performing in Canada and internationally with some of the top names in free improvisation.

Patrick O’Reilly
The Toronto-born guitarist is currently pursuing his Masters of Jazz Performance at the University of Toronto. He can be seen performing regularly with his group, Wire Circus, as well as Tesseract, DoVira, Money House, and Morta.

Rob Clutton
Rob Clutton is a composer/performer dedicated to diverse long term creative projects. His solo bass work includes two CDs on the Rat-drifting label: Dubious Pleasures and Suchness Monster. He has released two CDs of original compositions for small ensemble: Tender Buttons and Holstein Dream Pageant. The debut recording of Cluttertones is in progress. Clutton has been involved in collective projects such as Clutton/Michelli/West, Handslang, This Moment, a bass duo with Pete Johnston, and a banjo/voice duo with Randi Helmers. Other current and ongoing projects include: Ryan Driver Quintet, Drumheller, Nick Fraser Quartet, Steve Koven Trio, NOJO, Mark Segger Sextet, and Titanium Riot. Rob has also performed or recorded with artists such as Jandek, Jazzstory, Eugene Martynec, John Millard and Happy Day, David Mott Quintet. Rob is a founding member of the Association of Improvising Musicians, Toronto.

Somewhere There
Somewhere There is a collective of Toronto-based musicians who present, support, and celebrate creative music-making.

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