Michael Davidson & Dan Fortin at The Emmet Ray

Event: Michael Davidson & Dan Fortin at The Emmet Ray
Date: March 16, 2020
Venue: The Emmet Ray
Start time: 9:30 PM
End time: 11:30 PM


Clock Radio: Michael Davidson & Dan Fortin

Michael Davidson is a Toronto-based vibraphonist in the improvised, jazz, and creative music scene.

He works with many of the active jazz and improvised music players in Toronto including: David Occhipinti, Nick Fraser, Brodie West, Ryan Driver, Rob Clutton, David French, Harley Card, Andrew Downing, Alex Goodman, Jim Vivian, Darren Sigesmund, Ethan Ardelli, Fabio Ragnelli, Felicity Williams, Dan Fortin, Jon Maharaj, Allison Au, Rebecca Hennessy, David Braid, and Michael Herring.

Michael leads a chamber jazz septet with cello, voice, bass clarinet, vibraphone, alto sax, double bass, and drums, which is his main compositional outlet.

He also co-leads the chamber jazz quartet Hobson’s Choice, who in the words of CBC’s The Signal host Laurie Brown,

“…has made a unique contribution to the Canadian scene with their debut album (of the waves). Just when I think I have the sound pegged, they switch things up.”

Michael approaches improvising with passion and stunning sensitivity, as well as Monk-like wit. He is an active composer in the realm of jazz, and his inventive compositions are featured in The Michael Davidson Septet, and Hobson’s Choice.

He has been composing seriously since 2001 and has received funding from The TAC, The OAC, and The CCFTA for his original projects. Recently, Michael composed and recorded a film score for the BravoFact film, “She Sings for Me.”

His compositions have received praise from esteemed Canadian jazz drummer/ composer Barry Elmes,

“Not only are his songs creative and well crafted, each one has a story to tell.”

Michael is also a devoted educator through his work at Humber College in the jazz program.

You can hear Michael playing around Toronto with The Michael Davidson Septet, Hobson’s Choice, Pocket Camera, Monk’s Music, The Dan Fortin Quartet, Bedroom, df md df trio, Ben Gunning, and Ryan Driver. These ensembles represent the diversity of Michael’s musical interests, spanning from contemporary jazz to chamber to improvised. Both his original material and his interpretation of standard repertoire are evocative and communicative with the intensity of someone who, while madly in love with the tradition, has something new to say.

Daniel Fortin was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario. He graduated from the University of Toronto’s Jazz Performance Program in 2007. Since moving to Toronto, Dan has been an active member of the city’s music scene, playing with the likes of Mike Ruby, David Occhipinti, Dave Restivo, Barry Romberg, Harley Card, Chris Donnelly, and many others. He also performs regularly with STOPTIME, Serena Ryder (Atlantic Records/EMI), Stop Time, The Brent Mah/Alex Goodman Quartet, The Alex Goodman Quintet, The Jessica Stuart Few, Myriad, Potions, Felicity Williams’ Al Purdy Project, Michael Davidson, The Jonathan Challoner Quartet, The Matt Newton Trio, and ENGINE, to name a few. He participated in both the 2008 Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, and the Centre For Improvisational Music’s 2010 Summer Intensive in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to performing, Dan also teaches at Humber College in the Community Music Program.


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