Mama D. Lafortune at The Emmet Ray

Event: Mama D. Lafortune at The Emmet Ray
Date: August 9, 2019
Venue: The Emmet Ray
Start time: 9:30 PM
End time: 11:30 PM


Diem “Mama D” Lafortune (voice)


Diem Lafortune, is a Plains Cree feminist, children’s advocate, retired constitutional lawyer, award winning singer/songwriter/poet, writer, film-maker and intellectual-at-large. She is a survivor/thriver of a North American style patriarchal/capitalism system of family law and believes we all have something to heal from. She is delighted when people are willing to challenge their imaginations and understand their own source of empathy and injustice. In April she was in Rome at the Maternal Roots of the Gift Economy Conference where she presented on the perversion of natural law. Most recently, she was a main stage head-liner at the Skylight Festival with her band The Old New World Revolutionary Rockin’ Ballroom Dance Band playing music from her award winning CD Beauty And Hard Times.

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