Blues & Troubles at The Emmet Ray

Event: Blues & Troubles at The Emmet Ray
Date: September 13, 2019
Venue: The Emmet Ray
Start time: 9:30 PM
End time: 11:30 AM


Blues & Troubles
Blues & Troubles is a young Toronto based band that plays traditional style blues, R+B, and old-school country. The leaders of the band are Kendra Kwiatkowski and Oscar Tang, and the rest of the band can be a great revolving door of musicians that are on the blues scene in the city. Influenced by songs and artists from the 50’s and earlier, B&T likes to re-imagine old favourites by the kings of the blues from a woman’s perspective, and to hunt out gems by the first blues queens that are largely unknown today. Always trying to channel Muddy Waters and Big Mama Thornton, this band is hoping to get rid of auto tune in your music and bring back that true blues feeling. Rawness and emotion are a big part of music, and currently the big goal within the band is to become better and braver improvisors on stage, since so many of the blues greats would easily create for their audiences live and on the fly. That is how you get that special moment in a song where your hair stands on end! It can be a scary prospect, but to stay true to the real blues sound you have to mix up who is playing, don’t play just a part, converse musically with your band mates, record it live, and even if you aren’t certain, go for the extra feeling on that high note! That is what real music, and particularly the blues, is all about.

Price: $0.00
Phone: (416) 792-4497