The Artistry of…Tomasz Stanko

It is a music that spans the globe traveling on bridges of melody, riffs , and turns and emotion. Expression and unbridled creativity make it fly from artist to artist, fan to fan and land as inspiration that has no end to its effects upon and stirrings within. That magic of hearing the music from a treasured recording or broadcast; then to be able to experience hearing and then the seeing and hearing in a live setting. The sharing of the music through great listening posts and venues like internationally broadcast radio programming and the famous US State Department cultural tours; these sources touched and ignited sparks in the impressionable ears of so many all over the world. One of these inspired artists of the world is trumpet player and bandleader Tomasz Stanko. His story includes his coming of age in Communist Poland, and being impressed by the ways jazz expressed a message of freedom. The sensibilities of the music as it expresses liberty are the threads of the artistic weave of his music.