The Artistry of … Brian Bromberg

This weeks Artistry of … Brian Bromberg

His label’s bio piece describes him as a chameleon. I’ll take a stab at
defining the idea: I imagine an artistic being that remains the same at
the core but can change colors to blend into many different creative
environments. The description is apt. Bromberg’s body of work is
colorfully varied. His projects resonate with the influences and
experiential seasonings that come from life events, and the seamless
creativity of the mix of modern technology and the mediums of the old.
Some years ago he suffered an accident that resulted in his breaking his
back in two places. The recovery was long and affected time he could spend
playing his bass. His artistry resonates with love; a factor that played a
big part in his overcoming the trauma. He credits the love of the woman in
his life for so much of his strength. Love, and a knack of being able to
reach people through his music without razzle and dazzle is gifted to the
listener; gifted from one of the best melodic storytelling improvisers.