The Artistry of… Stanley Clarke

AO Stanley Clarke

His artistry is simply all of this at once in one groovy way or another: A vision of fusion and funk, breakbeats and bass-interpreted baroque cello suites. The collaborations have included work with a varied spectrum of masters at their craft in diverse genres including rapper/beatboxer Doug E. Fresh and Mark Isham. He challenges himself by collaborating with younger players. There is a freshening of perspective although it’s easy to wonder who is doing the actual challenging? Commenting on this he has said, “…The guys …are consummate young musicians with musical spirits that are very old.” His work in classical music, the baroque music of Bach, is outstanding and the bass-interpretations of music for cello are unparalleled. These are his words on this, “The Bach cello suite is like a serious thing to attempt. It’s a hard piece. I do it in the same key as the cello. I don’t change it to suit the bass or make it easier. I worked out the fingering and I’m just trying to make it sound pretty.”. And as if that is not enough he puts his artistry into words with as much of that ‘pretty’ he injects into a bass-interpreted cello suite – these words come as expressed when speaking about his band, “Our message is simple. It is a message of love. There is nothing really profound about our message. It’s just love. A lot of artists have said it in their own way. This is ours.”