The Artistry of… Reg Schwager

AO Reg Schwager

I think there is sometimes something telling about a first instrument a musician played that is not the one they have gone on to acclaim playing… many of my favorite bass players were and still are cello players. The soulful deep richness of the lyricism of the cello is a cherished sound in their bass playing. Reg Schwager is a second to none outstanding guitar player. His artistry is respected and sought out. His first instrument was the violin. When you hear Reg play the lyrical quality of the lines are like the bowed sweetness of the violin and the voice. His sound is artistically pure; so clean and clear. I think it is something that just flows from him and maybe also because of the demands for precision that his earlier playing of the lyrical bowed instrument made? This much is very true, the experience of hearing him play live is unforgettable. I wish you that opportunity.