The Artistry of… Kenny Garrett

AO Kenny Garrett

He is a proud Detroit native. As the story goes his father was a carpenter who played tenor saxophone as a hobby. There is a parallel, Kenny’s is a rich religious foundation. There is a direct resonance in the creativity of carpentry. The diversity in his artistry comes directly from his interest in music from around the world. Count places like Africa, Greece, Indonesia, China and Guadeloupe among those corners. He absorbs the culture and the experience becomes a part of his artistic message. His words say it best: “I love the challenge of trying to stay open…about music and about life.…If I like it, maybe I can incorporate some of it into what I do…I don’t try to control what I write”. Reflecting his religious foundation he says, “Music comes from ‘The Creator’ – It’s a gift …I write in all genres, and I’m writing all the time. It’s never about what it is…I just say thank you.”

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