The Artistry of… Keith Jarrett

AO Keith Jarrett

He is at home in two of the world’s great classical musics: European classical music and all-American jazz. He studied at two schools exemplifying the highest standards of both too: the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia and Berklee in Boston. The foundation is about as rich as it can get. The experience of hearing him play is equally as charged. He was a Jazz Messenger, a group member, and truly a messenger of the music. His focus and demanded respect for a whole experience of his music making has led to a reputation for an intolerance of any interrupting noise from his audiences. When they respect his wishes the experience is golden. When they don’t, the drama and theatrics are as riveting because once he gets the desired silence the performances are unmatched. I have experienced this and it makes for an unexpected magic. The artistry is in how he makes you listen.