The Artistry of … Kate Dunton

The Artistry of … TrioKate – Kate Dunton

The traditional jazz combo, trio or quartet, has an established platform; individual players take turns showcasing solos of astounding brilliance. Increasingly a younger generation of players, genre defyers with diverse listening experiences and influences, seem differently collective with their music. This sound defines the group. You hear this collective sound in groups like Robert Glasper’s ensembles, Brad Meldau’s trios, Go Go Penguin, Vijay Iyer, EST, and Neil Cowley. TrioKate is Kate Dunton, Cooper Appelt, and Jake Red. They are a cool west coast band; part of a unique sound legacy. Truly collective in the way they make their music. It’s an allied offering, cooperative; a blend. London Jazz News sums the trio up in culinary fashion; “When you throw a lot of different musical influences into the jazz pot, you need a good chef to make the resulting meal palatable”. I would add that true to their collective dynamics this team of three chefs make the music delicious.