The Artistry Of … Justin Kauflin

This week’s Artistry of… Features Justin Kauflin

I want to share some words about Justin Kauflin that say it all about his artistry and what music means to him. He has had many challenges in his life but it has been a strong Faith that has been his buoyancy. In his words: “Would I be a musician now if I had not lost my sight? …Probably not. And now I would not know what to do without it. Faith has been very important to me. A source of comfort and strength. I want my music to reflect that. I want it to be a prayer I can share with people.”. Justin has a seeing-eye service dog and the strongest image to me is the way the bond between the two looks in pictures. On his website Justin is shown reaching out his arm to connect with his dog from where he sits at a piano. Another shot shows him bending gently and the two meet nose to nose. The images are sweet, beautiful, true, and connective. This we can see. I can only imagine the feeling of being connected that way. I think music is what and how he sees and we are luckiest that he shares this vision with us. Faith indeed.