The Artistry of … Joshua Redman

AO Joshua Redman

Joshua Redman’s passion for improvisation is an inseparable. In his own words, “Jazz is all about vulnerability,…We have to be open and available, vulnerable, to really make that connection with ourselves, with the other musician.” Brad Mehldau, whose work with Redman is stunning in its scope, speaks admiringly to the experience of working and improvising with him.

It’s all about freedom in artistry: “Even when I’m ostensibly accompanying him, and he’s ostensibly taking the solo,…we’re still having this conversation… he plays a melodic idea, and then I respond to it …I might even give him something back, that then he responds to,” Mehldau says.

The album Nearness, features Redman with Mehldau, and the album’s reviews focus on the sensibilities of liberty in artistic expression, with comments like, “they have great ears for one another.” The artistry is collective creative effort. Redman converses and shares. In that sharing is the sweetness of the vulnerability that defines the way he plays.