The Artistry Of … Joey DeFrancesco

The city of Philadelphia is rich in its musical heritage. It’s a mix of influences stemming from Blues, jazz, R&B and a social culture that accepts nothing less than the best and accepts no nonsense and takes no prisoners.

There is a hint of a sentiment, ‘we don’t care how they do it NY’, in the air there too. A big beautiful and dynamic cultural and artistic city, home of the American founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution, its spirit is in its creative juices. Man, don’t get me started on the food! The city is the land of Philadelphia Soul and the Philadelphia Sound; the list of its favorite sons and daughters of all genres and periods of music goes on and on. Its cultural institutions are second to none. It’s my second city.

Favorite son, Joey DeFrancesco, is Philadelphian through and through. The foundation is in Jazz, Blues, Soul, and R&B. It’s, ‘cruising in the big car on the avenue’ cool; grooving with soulful rhythms cool. The Freedom Band is his latest group. The word Freedom speaks volumes about his music. It’s the spirit of Philly! Joey’s Artistry is the freedom of the spirit.