The Artistry of Jane Monheit

Jane Monheit has been connected to as many as five different labels. A journey more about the labels than who she is. Defining herself and her sound for her is easy. It’s rooted in her love and respect for the artistry of Ella Fitzgerald. Monheit credits Fitzgerald as her main influence. The introduction came at an early age thanks to her musician father. Of Fitzgerald she says: “What I really got from Ella is her warmth, her charm, the joy she puts in her music,”. Her latest recording reflects this; it’s called Songbook Sessions: Ella Fitzgerald. Her tenth studio album it’s the first on her own label, Emerald City Records. I think the essence of liberty in life and art is in the being able to live as defined by you. Imagine the feeling of self-pride and freedom if asked, ‘so who are you?’, and you simply gesture to yourself and leave it proudly at that. Jane tells genuine stories. Speaking to this and about maturing artistry these are her thoughts words on how interpretation changes: “…You live and you go through a lot. Most of these songs are about love and loss – that’s something we’re all experiencing in its different forms. It just changes as you grow and age, and that’s a beautiful thing,”