The Artistry Of … Jacky Terrasson

This week’s Artistry of… Features Jacky Terrasson

A blend. A melange. A mix. Recipe. Jambalaya. All good words that deliciously straddle the culinary world and the worlds of the arts. In jazz no one does this as smoothly as piano player and composer Jacky Terrasson. Maybe it’s in his cultural mix? He is Berlin born to an African-American mom and French father. His bio describes him as finding uniqueness in his eight Blue Note discs in a devilish way and says he upends unconventional material and that he is at home in any generation whether playing standards, exotic rarities or his own dynamic compositions. To me Terrasson is simply at home in music. You can hear it in the warmth of every note he plays. Like a good mix of food it looks good, in a good kitchen it sounds good and when it’s all set out before you it tastes good.