The Artistry of … Houston Person

This week’s Artistry of … , Features Houston Person

The sound of the Houston Person sax is immediate, smooth, soothing and tells a beautiful story. There is care taken with every note and nuance just as a spoken word artist or storyteller would take care with every word to be sure the sentiment landed just right at the listener’s ear. Grace and ease and charm mingle in every phrase. The sound is expressive and soulful. Like golden tones of a rich voice. It is no surprise; much of his career has been spent working with vocalists especially the late Etta Jones. The phrasing is like a voice. Unwavering and ever present he has been called a big-tones tenor sax player and a standard-bearer of soul jazz uniquely reworking R & B, the blues, jazz, and soul standards. His artistry is the voice in his horn.