The Artistry of… Harry Connick Jr

AO Harry Connick Jr

He brings love and respect to the music. He demands love and respect from the listener. The demand he makes is playful but it’s schooled and disciplined too. He is a true artist. The artistry is the way he makes it sound like he’s just singing a song or playing a tune; almost like you could just up and do it too. The legacy is rich and his early musical experiences were a treasure of musicianship including time spent as a student of Ellis Marsalis Jr. and James Booker at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. The social fabric, the weaves, the gumbo-like blend, the moxy, and the Louisiana magic are the blood and guts of his hometown of New Orleans that collectively ooze from him; every element of the city’s rich music history and importance to the creation and evolution of jazz is in his pores and in his soul. It is the love that shamelessly shines when he performs; the love emanates because of the spirit of New Orleans. The love emanates because that spirit is in the spirit of Harry Connick Jr.