The Artistry of…Grégoire Maret

“…(He) is the son of a Harlem-born African-American mother and a Swiss jazz musician, and a genre-crossing harmonica hotshot… “, these are the words of Ted Gioia, writer for The Daily Beast. He has ultimate artistic global reach in his genes. He heard many kinds of music in his homeland of Switzerland. He was exposed to soul, jazz and R&B and the sounds and influences are all over his artistry and creativity. These magic names cast their spells on him: Miles, Hancock, Wonder, Shorter, and Armstrong; a grouping of names sounding like a musical magicians’ collective. Maret’s is a deep connection to the voice. His musical life began as a singer and he expresses his beautiful artistry as if the harmonica is organically as direct an extension. The air he takes over when he plays is laced with groovy and the sound he gifts us with is everything the magic of music making spell casting should be.