The Artistry of… Diana Panton

AO Diana Panton:

Powerful subtlety; those two words seem almost to be from opposite ends of a spectrum but the blend of them describes an engaging sound that defines the artistry. Among other words in her bio, on her website, are these two, ‘emotional intensity’. They describe her sensitivity to her art and serve to further enhance how she sings. It seems to be effortless but that quality comes from a sharp focus and respect for the music she makes. She has an Honours Masters degree in French literature and taught at the University of Paris. She has lectured at Hamilton’s McMaster University and with qualifications in French, Visual, and Dramatic Arts she is a teacher at a Hamilton, Ontario area high school. The duality of languages and the experiences of teaching fine arts cannot help but influence an acute attention to detail and presentation. That is all coupled with a drive for creative sharing and learning all at the same time. Listening, you will find yourself caught up in a spirit that is admirably selfless.

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