The Artistry Of … Brian Bromberg

The experience of music in Brian’s family when he was a child reads like one you have heard before but there are some very cool twists and curves along the route to his becoming the master bass player that he is that makes the story very groovy.

He grew up in a family of musicians and artists. His father and brother played the drums. He naturally gravitated to the drums even playing early professional gigs as a drummer. Then came the cello; an instrument many of the best bass players also play or have played. There’s a twist though. Brian didn’t feel comfortable playing it. The story goes that his school music teacher, needing a bass player in the band, preyed on the fact that the cello and Brian were not getting along all that well and the teacher coaxed him toward the bass. As so many stories go, the rest is history. That day was a blessing in disguise. Fusing his love of rhythm with his love of the drums and a love of melody his path to the bass is truly his own and we his fans and new fans to be are all the luckier for it. That blessing in disguise gets the beautiful blame for the infectious artistry of Brian Bromberg.